Activision Will Not Have A E3 2019 Booth

E3 is almost here and its an exciting time for gamers as we finally get new information about upcoming video game titles to hardware. This is one of the biggest expos of the year and as such, almost everyone in the business attends in some shape or form. However, this year is different as we are seeing companies take their leave. While these companies may exit out of E3 2019, it’s uncertain if they will return back for 2020. Regardless, this time around we won’t have press conferences from Sony or EA, both have opted out from the event in that fashion but today another reveal came out that will leave some empty floor space.

When E3 2019 rolls around we won’t find Activision on the show floor. As it turns out, when E3 released the floor plans on where each booth is located in the various wings, it turns out Activision was missing in action. Apparently speaking with, Activision is not holding a booth this time around but will still be present. We know that they have a panel confirmed which will showcase the upcoming untitled Call of Duty video game, likewise, Activision will be available for press media interviews.

So while Activision may not have a physical booth for gamers and media reporters to attend for information or to try out their video game titles on display, they will still be available. This has left some gamers wondering what the future of E3 will look like as the public can now enter the venue and with websites like ours reporting the very latest to audiences around the world, perhaps E3 is not the shining beacon to relay information as it once was.



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