AMD has silently ‘launched’ the RX 5300-series… with the same GPU as RX 5500

AMD has today silently ‘launched’ its RX 5300M series of graphics cards. Wait… what? Yeah, no sooner has Apple seemingly announced the AMD Radeon 5300-series of graphics card with its own MacBook Pro launch, but AMD lists a completely different 5300-series GPU on its own site.

It’s bizarre because the Radeon Pro 5300M that Apple’s got has just 20 compute units, while the RX 5300M GPU comes with 22 compute units. Yay, us PC gamers get one over Apple… except no they still get the full Navi 14 with 24 CUs that doesn’t seem to be coming to PC.

Whatever… the 22 CU RX 5300M spec is exactly the same as the 22 CU configuration of the RX 5500M graphics silicon, which makes it the exact same GPU. The only difference is that the RX 5300M comes with 3GB of GDDR6 and the RX 5500M comes with 4GB of GDDR6. So AMD is now differentiating between graphics card names in terms of the amount of video memory that’s being attached to it.