AMD’s 7nm 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU is faster and more efficient than Intel’s i9 9900K

AMD has shown off an early manufacturing sample of its desktop 3rd generation Ryzen processors. In a telling keynote over at CES 2019, AMD CEO Lisa Su showed off the latest 3rd generation Ryzen desktop chips in their full 7nm glory. These will be built on the denser process node, with at least eight-cores and 16 threads, and have already boasted Intel i9 9900K destroying performance.

So let’s get down to the details from the show. Shortly after announcing Radeon VII, a whole new gaming GPU set to launch February, AMD CEO Su offered up our first glimpse of the 3rd Gen Ryzen processors. These will be built on the same design principles initially shown off in its datacentre EPYC chips last year. That means an AMD Zen 2 modular chiplet design, featuring a 7nm processing chip and a 14nm I/O chip.

Su even gave us a quick glimpse under the hood, exposing the dual chiplet silicon. That eight-core, 16-thread chip is looking a little bare, however, and we reckon there’s just the right amount of space for another whole eight-core chiplet under that heat spreader. 16-cores anyone?

We’ll have to see about that. But in the meantime we have some more concrete data directly from AMD to salivate over. AMD put an early-engineering sample of its eight-core, 16-thread 3rd Gen chip to the test against Intel’s enthusiast Coffee Lake i9 9900K (presumably) live on stage in a core-to-core Cinebench R15 showdown.

AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen processor

Running at stock frequencies, the AMD Ryzen chip managed to score 2,057, while the Intel chip trailed behind at 2,040. The Ryzen chip is even an early engineering sample, so it could potentially run faster closer to launch. But what’s most important is that the Ryzen chip managed that feat while running at just 133W to Intel’s 180W. That power-efficient 7nm process is paying dividends already.

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Su also confirmed PCIe 4.0 support. But fear not, that won’t nerf your AM4 platform. The latest chips will continue support for the current generation platform and chipsets.

And you lucky devils also get a launch window. Lisa Su is kind to us. We can expect AMD to launch the 3rd Generation Ryzen chips sometime in the middle of 2019. That lines up nicely with Computex, one of the world’s largest tech shows. How convenient.

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