Animal Crossing: 10 Things Villagers Do That Are Far More Annoying Than Helpful

The animal villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are always out and about, enjoying life on the island and chatting with neighbors. From time to time, they’ll water some flowers or help out here and there in other ways.

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Unfortunately, their “help” is sometimes more frustrating and irritating than actually helpful. They mean well, of course, but, like real people, they sometimes don’t realize why their help is actually getting in the way or messing up something you worked on. In some cases, their help is downright shady, even if it isn’t meant to be. Here are some of the ways villagers are trying to help, but it ends up being irksome sometimes.

10 Repeating Praise

Villagers are programmed to make comments on contextual situations when you talk to them. This can mean making small comments about nearby furniture that you’ve placed, making observations about your outfit or tools you’re holding, or, in some cases, complimenting you on work that you’re getting done.

However, sometimes, the praise gets a bit repetitive and irritating. If you lay down enough paths in a day, the next day, you might have all ten of your villagers giving you the same compliment about it. It’s nice and well-intended, but a bit tiresome.

9 Paying for Gifts

This is, again, something that’s meant as a nice gesture, but it can be frustrating. Players are able to give gifts to villagers, earning valuable friendship points together and occasionally, receiving something in return.

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Sometimes, villagers will give Bells in return for a gift. This is irritating for a couple of reasons. First, it makes one feel bad. Just take the gift! I’m trying to be nice! Secondly, it’s usually a paltry sum of Bells, amounting to a couple hundred, so it’s not even worth sitting through the dialogue. Thanks, but no thanks.

8 Giving Medicine While Throwing Shade

If you’re unlucky enough to get stung by wasps, some villager personality types are likely to give you some medicine to fix you up ASAP. Unfortunately, some of them throw in a healthy dose of shade, bullying, or terror at your appearance at the same time.

It’s not unusual for villagers to straight-up scream when they see your face. If they don’t do that, they’re still probably going to make a mean comment or talk about how ugly or scary you are. Thanks.

7 Contributing to Projects

It’s an old, classic meme that villagers in Animal Crossing don’t contribute much to public works projects. Everyone has had that frustration of donating hundreds of thousands of Bells to something all by themself, just for everyone to use it.

What’s even more frustrating, though, than when they don’t contribute anything, is when they contribute a couple hundred Bells. You’re out here donating 197,000 of them, while a random villager throws 187 on the pile. Then they get partial credit during the ceremony when Tom Nook thanks everyone for contributing.

6 Selling You Their Junk

Once you reach a high enough friendship level with your villagers, they may offer to sell you their items. Often, it’s not something you need or want and is just kind of random junk like clothing in weird colors and furniture you already own.

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For many people, they feel guilty if they turn down the villager’s offer, so they’ll buy it off of them to make them happy. It is usually just a handful of pocket change, anyway. But it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable.

5 Watering Flowers

It’s very cute, maybe even downright adorable, when your villagers water flowers. They pop out their little watering can and look absolutely delighted while they do it.

Sometimes, though, it can prove irritating. This is mostly annoying for people who have meticulously laid out their flowers on their island in a specific way. When villagers water them, it can cause them to reproduce and put new flowers in a spot you don’t want them. It’s not the end of the world, but it is irksome from time to time.

4 Following You Around

This one applies more to the shopkeepers than the other villagers. Have you noticed that Timmy, Tommy, and Mabel will follow very closely behind you everywhere you go in their store? It’s very annoying. You’re just trying to browse and they’re so close that they bump into the back of you when you stop.

Some people find this very annoying, even though it’s supposed to be helpful. Let’s not even mention the fact that a current global pandemic requires people to stay a good distance from one another to prevent transmission. Read the room, guys.

3 Giving You Items You Just Bought

The items that villagers gift you are seemingly random for the most part. It can be anything from a new phone to a terribly ugly hat. Usually, it’s random stuff that you have no use for, just like when they sell you their junk.

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However, there’s a rare instance where they let you know they want to give you something, and it’s an item you literally just bought thirty seconds prior to the conversation or at least earlier that day. Thanks for the free stuff, but I just have to sell this or throw it in storage because you just watched me buy it.

2 Spreading a Catchphrase

It’s unclear if villagers are trying to be helpful with this, but one could assume they are. Occasionally, at a high enough friendship level, your residents may ask you for help coming up with a new catchphrase or greeting. Typically, it’s fun to come up with something unique to that character.

You’ll notice after a few days, though, that other villagers have picked up on that same catchphrase and are now using it. It’s unclear why they programmed this into the game at all, and it’s definitely irritating.

1 Giving You Duplicate Recipes

This is hands-down one of the most irritating things about the game in general, not just in terms of your villagers. Each day, a few villagers will rotate crafting things that you can then learn to craft yourself. They’ll give you the recipe card, even if you already know how to make that item.

There’s usually no prompt to turn down their offer. That card is as good as yours. They can’t be put in storage or given to another villager, so you’ll have to sell them, sometimes prompting the phone call from Timmy for using the box the next day, solely for that card, or toss them in a trash can. Leaving them on the ground for friends to grab later also brings down your island rating. Please, villagers, just keep the duplicate recipes.

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