Anthem will have a demo in February, plus alphas and betas along the way

Anthem will have a demo – as well as a beta, an alpha, and plenty more chances to play throughout the lead-up to release. Contrary to the modern gaming tradition, the demo is in fact a demo, as in a demonstration of the finished product and not an opportunity to collect feedback and do stress tests.

The “VIP Demo” will launch February 1, and will only be available to those who’ve pre-ordered the game or EA Access members – presumably, that also means Origin Access on PC.

“The demo is a demo,” lead producer Mike Gamble says. “It’s not a tech test, it’s not a beta that comes out three weeks before the game where ‘your feedback’ – like, no, it’s ‘this is the game and we hope you love it,’ and at that point that’s really what we’re showing.”

With that being said, there will still be those opportunities for early access through alphas and betas – though we don’t yet know if they’ll use that exact terminology. What form those alphas and betas will take is still to be determined, but the team at BioWare says it wants to make sure there are “touchpoints” with prospective players ahead of release.

There are plenty of opportunities to check out the game ahead of the Anthem release date, and it looks like BioWare is keen to ease player fears on every level from the state of long-term content like raids to the way the game handles storytelling and narrative.

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