Apex Legends reached one million players in less than eight hours

Apex Legends launched just over 12 hours ago, but it didn’t even need as long as that to reach its first major player milestone. Within eight hours of its initial surprise launch, the Titanfall battle royale had racked up more than one million players.

That news comes from the CEO of developer Respawn Entertainment, Vince Zampella. Early this morning, he tweeted to say that “I’m so overwhelmed right now, [Apex Legends] broke a million unique players in under eight hours,” thanking the game’s newly-formed community. That’s a massively successful start, of course, but perhaps it’s not too surprising.

For one thing, thanks to Titanfall 2, Respawn is one of the most well-respected developers of first-person shooters in the business, and you’d imagine that even in a crowded market, their take on the massively popular battle royale genre would attract some significant attention. The announcement was also helped along by a slew of leaks ahead of the reveal livestream, and I’m sure that that free-to-play’ price tag isn’t making Respawn any enemies, either.

In the eyes of some players, however, Respawn will likely have lost marks for the simple fact that it’s not making Titanfall 3. There are also cosmetic loot boxes which aren’t likely to prove too popular, but the developer says that’s a significant part of why Apex Legends launched so quickly.

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I’ve not had the chance to play Apex Legends yet, but Matt and Iain tell me there’s a lot to like. We’ll have our official impressions up later today, and I’ll update this article to include a link to them then.


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