Attack on Titan 2 Latest Update Adds Destruction Mode, Details Ability Types and More

Koei Tecmo is jumping on the battle royale hype with their own version of the genre, adding Destruction mode in Attack on Titan 2’s latest update.

Destruction mode pits 6 players against each other, with each player trying to rack up as many points as they can before time runs out. Players will have several abilities to choose from that affect their stats, available items and skills. The abilities available to players include Surprise and Throwing type.

Battle Royal style competitive mode with a maximum of 6 players, where players compete for the amount of points earned within a 4 minute time limit. Titan elimination points are points received when you take out Titans in battle and the player with the highest score wins. Players can choose a skill type out of 10 types that matches their playstyle, with base stats similar for each player. While players cannot directly attack other players, they may steal opportunities to defeat Titans and use items to obstruct other players, so eliminating Titans more quickly than anyone else becomes vital.

Basic rules of Destruction Mode
Compete for points by beating as many titans as possible within the alotted time. Severing arms and legs first before killing the titan will net more points.

Ten Ability Types
Players can choose from the ten Ability Types that will determine their stats, skills, and items. Some examples of these types are Throwing type, which carries Molotov cocktails and can throw discarded blades, and Surprise type which can aim for kill-stealing titans whose body parts had been severed by others.

Items that obstruct opponents
This mode will have items that impede opponent progress such as Stun and Paint grenades, but there will be also items available to prevent them.

Opposing Titans
Enemy titans from the original work, including the likes of Female Titan and Armored Titan, will also appear. They have very high abilities and cannot be fought with half-baked strategies, but those who can kill them will be rewarded a lot of points.

Comeback chance
At the last minute of the match, the points obtained will be doubled. Players can make use of this feature to make a comeback.

Make sure to check out the trailer below for a glimpse on how the mode will play.

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