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Pokemon GO: How to Counter Galarian Weezing | Game Rant

Pokemon GO: How to Counter Galarian Weezing | Game Rant

Pokemon GO, Niantic’s trend-setting Augmented Reality catch-em-up, has been out for a few years now, and still maintains a respectable player count. The success of the game is partly down to its unique design, and partly to the stream of updates and new features that have been added since launch. Pokemon GO now is certainly not the game it was back in 2016, and more updates are coming all the time. read more


Aminatou, the Fateshifter Decklist

Hey all! Wally D here. Here’s what’s going on with MTG Casual Play. In a nutshell, not a lot. At the moment I’m knee deep in Dungeons & Dragons content creation with my Wally DM YouTube channel and I am writing a supplementary D&D Puzzle book to help DMs bring super cool non-combat encounters to their game. So am I done writing Commander articles? No, definitely not. But, it will be some time yet before I can jump back into it. In addition to that, if I do start writing again, I may decide to get back on that EDHREC train if they are allowing for old, retired writers to get back on without a ticket. If you have been following me, you will know that from 2016-2017 I was writing the Non-Basically Speaking articles over at EDHREC. They were a lot of fun. Check them out when you have time! read more


U/B Mill EDH


My name is Erich. I am new to the writing scene for MTG. I enjoying playing fun formats such as EDH/Commander, Modern, and anything involved with Chaos drafting. I am a father of three children that all play MTG. All of my kids play EDH/Commander and Modern. I will be writing about different subjects within our favorite game. I will write about Grand Prix and my time at each Grand Prix that I attend. I will also write about any SCG tournaments that i will go to also. I will also do some deck techs, decklists, articles and reviews, and finally a little about MTG cosplay through my eyes. With that being said, I am going to talk about one of my favorite types of decks. I will be talking about MILL, specifically EDH U/B MILL. I love MILL. When I say, “I love MILL,” I do mean that MILL is my second wife. I used to have a modern mill deck, but I no longer have that deck only because I wanted to do more than MILL in modern. However, I will build another MILL deck within the year so I can have it for a backup deck for my local FNM. read more

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Magic the Gathering and Sociology: Blue

Continuing my series from last week, today we’re going to dive into the intellectually-developed world of Blue and their approach to social problems. Given Blue’s focus on self-improvement and knowledge, I think they’d be quite invested in the education system- Blue wants a society of free-thinking individuals. As with last week, I’m going to start with a disclaimer that this article is not meant to belittle anyone nor start an argument. Rather, in true-Blue fashion, it’s meant to be used as a sociological lens. Let’s begin. read more