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Alberto Del Rio Reveals The Real Reason He Left the WWE (Again)

Alberto Del Rio is a former WWE champion, but doesn’t always get along the biggest wrestling company in the world. He was fired in 2014 when he punched a (non-wrestling) co-worker for making a racist joke. He returned a year later, but only lasted a few months before walking out in October 2015. Officially, it was a “mutual parting of ways,” but basically Del Rio wanted to quit and the WWE allowed him to do so (Del Rio’s then-girlfriend and now wife Paige was also suspended at the time for a violation of the Wellness Policy). read more


12 ECW Superstars Who Never Made It Big Anywhere Else

Long before the era of PG wrestling that the WWE currently uses, pro wrestling was something that couldn’t exactly be described as family friendly. Not only did the Attitude Era of the (then) WWF push the boundaries of sex and violence when it came to what was acceptable television, but Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) was actually pioneering the same concepts in bingo halls and dimly lit arenas years prior. read more


Everything You Need To Know About The SNES Classic

Following the overwhelming success of the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition last fall, Nintendo has announced that they will be releasing a miniature version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System — aka one of, if not the, greatest gaming console of all time — later this year. As one of the most popular tech products of the early 90s, a mini version of the Super Nintendo is sure to be at the top of many gamers’ wishlist this year and whether you’re planning to pick one up for yourself or someone else, here is everything you need to know about the SNES Classic Edition. read more


The SNES Classic Will Fix One Of The NES Classic’s Biggest Design Flaws

Nintendo started the week off with a bang yesterday with the announcement of the SNES Classic Edition, which will include 21 of the best Super Nintendo games ever made. One of the biggest differences between the SNES Classic and last year’s NES Classic is that the former system will ship with two controllers as opposed to one. Of course, anyone who got their hands on the NES Classic knows that one of the system’s biggest design flaws was its ridiculously short controller cords, which were only an absurd three feet in length. Fortunately, it appears that Nintendo is well aware of this problem and the SNES Classic will not have the same issue. read more