Author: NuclearCoffee


Ubisoft Forward teaser reveals game lineup

Ubisoft may be sliding in to the tail end of the summer FakE3 showcases, but they’re not to be outdone. A new teaser trailer hints at which games we’ll see during their upcoming Ubisoft Forward showcase on Sunday, July 12th. You probably won’t be surprised by the names if you’ve kept up with this year’s not-E3 but hey, here’s your confirmation. read more


Here’s your Humble Choice bundle for July 2020 – Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Void Bastards, and more

Welcome to July, the month named after Julius Caesar by the Roman Senate before they changed their minds about him the following March. What that means for us is a new Humble Choice bundle, and this one is heavy on science fiction. We’ve got an off-beat FPS, some fantastic turn-based ship combat, one of the best 4X games of the past couple years, plus a bunch more. Let’s dig in, shall we? read more