Batman Gotham Knights: Robin, Batgirl & Other Playable Heroes Confirmed?

At the end of the week, Batman: Gotham Knights, the latest Batman adventure for consoles and PC, will be presented. With a corresponding teaser, other playable characters in addition to Batman could have been confirmed.

According to the rumors of the past months, the superhero adventure Batman: Gotham Knights was finally officially announced a few days ago. Even if the title will not be revealed until the weekend, the people in charge at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the developers at WB Games Montreal have brought the first teasers for the title to the public in the last few hours.

A teaser graphic that was circulated on the social media platform Instagram by an employee of WB Games Montreal provides fresh speculation. If you take a closer look at the said graphic, you will come across four logos, which can be found in the middle of the graphic and should stand for the following four heroes: Batman, Batwoman, Robin, and Nightwing.

The rumors that Batman: Gotham Knights will offer us the opportunity to control other members of the Bat-family apart from Batman are new, by no means. Instead, we received corresponding reports weeks ago.

In addition, the rumor persisted that in Batman: Gotham Knights the so-called Court of Owls acts as an adversary and makes your life difficult. To what extent the reports of the past months correspond to the facts, we will find out by the end of the week at the latest.

As Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced last week, the official unveiling of Batman: Gotham Knights will take place at the DC FanDome event on Saturday, August 22, 2020, at 10:30 AM Pacific Time. The new Suicide Squad project, which is currently being developed at Rocksteady Games, will also be shown at the DC FanDome.


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