Battlefield 1 Operations DLC Free For All Players

Still playing DICE’s World War 1 Shooter, Battlefield 1? We have some good news for you. The developer has announced that all DLC Operations that were previously only available behind the Premium service can now be played by all.

Speaking about the challenges of allowing this to happen, Sulman said, “This challenge presented two options: continue to configure Operation Campaigns to be exclusively for Premium Pass owners, as with Eastern Storm, or to not require Premium Pass at all, as with Fall of Empires.”

“One of the primary goals for Operation Campaigns was to rally as many players as we can around content to ensure the servers are as full as possible. We have seen tremendous success with the first two Campaigns in this regard, so moving forward, starting with ‘Fire & Ice’, Operation Campaigns will be open to all players, always, regardless of the Operations contained.”

It should be ntoed however, that only the maps will be free during the operations mode. Any weapons, vehicles and Elites that are also a part of DLC will not be accessible. Players should also note that the Operations part of the active campaign will change every two weeks. This week players will be able to partake in Fire and Ice campaign.

Sulman stated that the team introduced this to ensure populated servers. Lets hope it works!

Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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