Battlefield V Director: “It’s the Most Immersive Battlefield to Date;” Discusses How Destructible Environments Developed Over the Years

After the controversial reveal Battlefield V experienced, EA DICE are confident of their decisions and all they want is to make the title fun for players.

Creative Director Lars Gustavsson was recently featured in an interview with Metro GameCentral, where he described Battlefield V as “the most immersive Battlefield to date.” He pointed towards the actions players experience on the battlefield, from “dragging soldiers” and reviving team mates to “throwing back grenades,” all this contribute to a “more dynamic than ever.”

I would say, on a high level, it’s the most immersive Battlefield to date. And with that we really mean that we always work to make you feel perceived realism – we never go for full realism – but it is being there on the battlefield with destruction fortification. It is that interactive battlefield with dragging soldiers, body revive, throwing back grenades, shooting out grenades; and then the movement set. So all of this together with the visual/audio-scape means the sandbox is more dynamic than ever. You don’t have to be the best twitch player to enjoy it – I’m turning 50 this year and I’m definitely not!

He continued to discuss how destructible environments developed over the years in the franchise, from Bad Company 2 to Battlefield V.

A lot of people refer to Bad Company 2, but I think Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, and even Hardline, stepped into locations where leveling a whole level was so extremely complex and so I think we lost a bit of that level of destruction. While with Battlefield 1 I think we started to find our way forward from there when we brought in gamers early on we got the feedback that we were taking it too far. If you level the battlefield they said, ‘We can’t move forward because there’s no cover left!’ And that’s where the thought was sparked that back in Battlefield 4/Battlefield 2 you could repair bridges. So what if we take that concept and allow players to reinforce, to fortify, so everyone now has this toolbox and can build up defenses in strategic positions. And then a support soldier can top it up with heavy machineguns, stationary weapons, and even towable weapons. Previously you came to the base and you knew where the AA guns were, and the pilots that were good would always take it out immediately. Now you can hide it amongst the trees or drive it to a place where the pilot won’t know. So putting more power in the hands of the players.

Battlefield V releases on October 19th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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