BioWare Details Latest Anthem Update; Includes Item Inscriptions and Masterwork Crafting Reworks


BioWare has announced and detailed the latest patch to hit their online looter shooter title, Anthem.

Taking to Reddit, the developers have detailed what the upcoming update will include, however, I will note that this update isn’t that massive. The update will primarily focus on items with inscriptions and the crafting system. Both these fixes are welcomed by fans, especially since Anthem launch not on the greatest foundation.

Check out the full set of updates for yourself down below:

Hey Freelancers,

Here is the update that you were all waiting on! The following changes are now live:

  • Items will no longer have inscriptions on them that are not appropriate for that specific item. NOTE: This only applies to items obtained after the patch. Items obtained prior to the hotfix will still have the same inscriptions they had before.

  • Masterwork crafting costs have been reduced from 25 -> 15 Masterwork Embers. The amount of plants, metal and parts required for crafting a Masterwork item have also been reduced.

Anthem is one of the latest video game titles released within this new genre market and it’s certainly has a few faults which we covered in our Before You Buy upload. However, one aspect that may have gamers a bit frustrated is the drop rate adjustment and it could potentially leave some gamers already tapping out. Check out the full article talking about the game’s drop rate right here!

Anthem is now available to play for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you happy with the newest update for the looter shooter title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit


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