BioWare Reveals Anthem Story DLC Will Be Completely Free

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There’s been a strong following when it comes to the development studio Bioware. The company has delivered a number of great RPG hits with their latest upcoming release being highly anticipated. Anthem was unveiled during E3 2014 and as it stands right now the game is not slated to launch until early 2019.

Essentially this game is an online multiplayer action RPG similar to the Destiny franchise. Players will take on the role of a Freelancer who is tasked with leaving the secured sanctuaries for humanity in order to explore the outside world and take care of any threats. However, if you’re already sold on the game then you may have been curious as to what DLC expansions will be coming out post-release.

During PAX West, BioWare held a panel where the development studio unveiled that their story-based DLC will be released completely for free. Unfortunately, there is no word on just what this DLC entails but if you’re interested in stories and mission campaigns then this will come as good news.

Of course, that also likely means that there will be other forms of DLC that players can sink real money into. The general consensus right now is that the paid DLC will be more cosmetic base. So far BioWare has yet to confirm cosmetic DLC or any other forms of DLC that will be paid but with the game slowly gearing for release, it likely won’t be long until we find out just what the development studio has in mind.

For now, gamers can purchase a copy of Anthem on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms in February 21, 2019.

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