Black Is Now Available On EA Access

Remember Black? That FPS from the PS2/Xbox era of gaming that seemingly everyone has been requesting a remaster for? The title has officially launched on EA’s subscription service, EA Access – this means that if you own an Xbox One, you’ll be able to take a trip down memory lane from now.

This release is also pretty significant, as it marks the first original Xbox title to land on EA Access. The download size is currently 2.09 GB so not too large of an install size. It should also be noted that this is an Xbox Backwards Compatible title.

If you haven’t played Black, it follows the story of a special tactical squad tasked with carrying out covert work across the globe. It’s been praised for it’s realistic mechanics of the time and replayability.

The BLACK tactical squad operates under the cloak of complete anonymity and deniability to protect the US from threats foreign and domestic. It answers to no one, allowing it to carry out brutal and overt operations around the globe. CIA operative Sergeant First Class Jack Kellar has been captured and placed under interrogation by an unknown adversary. Under the threat of exposure and life imprisonment, Kellar is forced to divulge his actions against the arms smuggling terrorist organization Seventh Wave. 

Black is out now on EA Access for Xbox One.

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