Borderlands 3 Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Trailer Breakdown

Since it launched back in September, Gearbox Software has seemingly had no shortage of updates for Borderlands 3. Nearly each week has brought something new to fans either as a hot fix update, community challenge, or something larger like the Halloween inspired Bloody Harvest free event and the upcoming Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite content.

However, for many fans, the real draw was the first story expansion pack, something that Gearbox has proven to excel at with previous games in the franchise. Last week, Gearbox began teasing fans with the first story expansion and decided to kick things off with a bang by showing it’ll be somehow related to the fan favorite villain Handsome Jack. However, the tease didn’t provide any additional details regarding the name or story line only that a trailer was on the way.

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Finally, the day has come and the Borderlands 3: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot trailer is here. There’s a lot to unpack from this first trailer so let’s take a deep dive and check out a few things that fans may have missed.

While most people expected the first expansion to focus on Jack’s utopia city of Opportunity, the trailer paints a completely different picture. Near the beginning of the footage, a floating casino cruise ship is shown in space with a nearby black hole to really add some style.

As Moxxi explains, players are infiltrating and going on a heist to take out Jack’s casino. Naturally, players can expect to see plenty of neon lights, glitz, glamour, gold, and coins. Handsome Jack is plastered throughout the space as well including his giant hologram head that appears to be watching over his town.

With Jack no longer among the living, Moxxi is looking to take a bit of revenge against her former lover. She’s assembling a team to steal back the casino that was stolen from her in the first place. During their time together, Jack ultimately stole her plans and ideas for a new bar/casino, which he turned into the Handsome Jackpot Casino. To stick it to Moxxi a bit more, Jack even created a bar called Foxxxi’s. So instead of being a Vault Hunter, players will become an Ocean’s 11 style heister.

There may be a bit more to Moxxi’s goal as well. Official marketing material use the phrase “vault of loot” which could subtly hint that players may be finding out that Jack has built his casino on top of a vault. If so, Borderlands 3 players can reasonably expect a new Vault Monster to grind for loot, as dedicated drops are coming soon, but how that compares to Graveward in terms of the amount of loot.

While Moxxi will be featured heavily and will probably serve as the player’s handler, the trailer also shows a few new characters. Shown briefly throughout the debut trailer is a mysterious woman with a shaved head. She has a robotic arm and appears to aid the player on their quest to topple the Handsome Jackpot Casino. At one point, she uses the ability to ignite a flame from her finger to detonate nearby explosives.

The trailer also shows two additional allies with one appearing to be taken straight out of the 80’s with their aviator, mullet, and tracksuit. At one point in the trailer, he’s even flanked by two Moxxi Loader-Bots, one with a bow and the other with a prominent mustache. The final addition to Moxxi’s team is someone sporting an eye patch, flat top, and thick beard.

While not shown in the trailer, Randy Pitchford also confirmed that Timothy from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is going to be inside this story expansion as well. For those who don’t remember, Timothy was the Handsome Jack playable character class from that game. Pitchford wouldn’t explain in what capacity, however, as last Timothy was seen, he was still a Jack loyalist.

Of course, what would a Borderlands game be without bandits. However, instead of the normal looking masks, the bandits here all appear to be wearing Handsome Jack masks instead. Names have also been adjusted so instead of Psycho, these bandits may have names like Clubber or Wildcard. The trailer also shows off plenty of Hyperion-style bots that Borderlands 2 players should be well versed in and slot machine looking enemies to fit the casino theme. Not only that, a section of the footage also confirms Claptr4p enemies complete with spiked wheels are also going up against players.

While Handsome Jack is shown predominantly in holograms and advertisements, Gearbox has confirmed that players will be able to interact with Jack in some capacity during this campaign through his digital AI or some other pre-recorded hologram. While it’s not yet confirmed, with Handsome Jack coming back, it’s also expected that his voice actor Dameon Clarke will be back as well. As fans know from the Rhys voice actor controversy, nothing is certain.

Naturally, this expansion has plenty of new gear to uncover. New weapons based on casinos and games of chance have a chance at dropping, plus new shields and class items. However, as players can see in the trailer, new customization items like heads and skins are also in the expansion as well. Amara has a golden face mask, Zane is getting a gilded hat that looks like it comes from the Pope himself, and Moze has this golden head cage which actually removes her traditional helmet. In fact, her Iron Bear is shown off with a skin that makes it look like it’s completely decked out in 24 karat gold.

Borderlands 3: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot launches on December 19 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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