Call of Duty: WWII Latest Patch Addresses Bugs; Fixes Daily Login Issues

Sledgehammer Games’ has just dropped the latest patch for the WWII iteration in the Call of Duty franchise.

The patch fixes several issues with the title such as an issue that prevented the Daily Login Bonus popup from appearing after breaking the login streak, and addressing the issue whereby certain game modes were not being counted towards objectives victories.

The patch also introduces some extra security measures along with making some fixes to the Headquarters, and adding new fixes and improvements to the Quartermaster.

The patch is currently available for download on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, if your system hasn’t already automatically downloaded it. Check out the full list of changes below:


  • Fixed an issue where the Daily Login Reward popup was not showing up correctly after initially breaking the login streak.
  • Fixed an issue where certain game modes were not counting towards objective wins
  • Increased the time in which players can load back into the game lobby before timing out
  • Security improvements
  • Fixed an issue with entering the Headquarters after leaving the Store
  • Additional fixes and improvements with the Quartermaster

Call of Duty WWII is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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