Capcom Set To Release All Megaman X Games On Switch

Fan of Megaman? Well, now you won’t have to break out your dusty Gameboy (or DS) to play the iconic side-scrolling platformer. Capcom has announced that all 8 Megaman X games will be arriving on Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch.

Live streamed during Capcom’s 30th-anniversary, developer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya dropped the news for excited gamers. Tsuchiya stated that the games will release on the day of the Anniversary. As of right now there is no other news regarding the titles – stayed tuned to Gameranx for more information.

Megaman X is a series of games following the story of the previous Megaman games. Starting in 1994, Megaman X follows the story whereby an archeologist uncovers a mysterious robot constructed with its own free will. The archeologist replicates the robot, however, a virus turns them into unstoppable robots, hell-bent on destroying the human race.

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In other CAPCOM news, the publisher recently unveiled a new trailer, teasing the upcoming fighters in their cross-over title, Marvel Vs. Capcom, have a look at our article, here.

‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite new character batch releases on December 5, and features Spider-Man’s villain, Venom, alongside Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Widow and Winter Soldier.’

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