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[TOOL] APK Easy Tool v1.39 for Windows (GUI tool, friendly)

Why this tool was been flagged as a virus by some anti-virus?
Because it thinks my obfuscated tool is a part of malware clones but it’s a FALSE POSITIVE!!!!!! I obfuscated my tool to protect my code and i want to keep it closed source, since it’s an exclusive tool on the internet. They could steal my work and credit to them self if i open sourced my code. Many many many thanks to stupid computer crimes who created malwares and obfuscated them to get anti-virus to detect any obfuscated programs. read more


Being the Elite Kodi Addon

We here at nuclearcoffee have become addicted to the youtube series called Being the Elite that is put out by the bullet club. And sure I can easily access it on youtube by giving them a subscribe, which I highly suggest you do. However if you are like me, you spend a lot of your time in kodi. SO what would be better than to just have a addon that has their channel and all episodes inside of it? read more