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Warzone Update Is Massive on Xbox One

Call of Duty:Warzone players on the Xbox One had a rude awakening waiting for them this weekend with the release of the game’s latest update. On the Xbox One, the update came in at a whopping 66.3GB, and it was only that big for Microsoft’s console. The PlayStation 4 version was just 1.2GB and the PC version was 1.83GB at its largest size. Infinity Ward said in its patch notes for the update that the large Xbox One download was a result of “an unforeseen bug with the Microsoft patch delivery process” and that work was being done to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. read more


Skywind returns with a new dungeon-delving trailer

Crikey, it’s been a hot minute since we last heard anything about Skywind, hasn’t it? Nevertheless, the colossal task of bringing all of Morrowind into Skyrim is still well underway, with the modders behind the project releasing our first look at the ambitious mod in over a year, by way of a spruced-up return to The Battle at Nchurdamz. Hope your arachnophobia doesn’t extend to mechanical spiders, readers. read more


10 Things To Know While Playing the Beta

Marvel’s Avengers is currently in beta on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, inviting more and more players into the mix. We’ve broken down plenty on the beta so far, but there are several things we wish we would’ve known or had a better understanding of as we dove into the beta. That’s why we’re here to help you get even more out of the game with this handy list, which presents 10 tips to help you understand even more about the game and avoid a few areas of confusion. You can check out the next slide to get started, and if you’ve got tips of your own that would help, let us know! read more


More Games Need To Let You Hold Cats

This week we learn why cats love gamer chairs, watch Apple and Epic fight, catch up with what’s going on at Ubisoft after all the recent news, and ask for the ability to hold cats in more games. read more


Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Defends Fortnite Battle Against Apple and Google

Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney has weighed in on the ongoing legal battle against Apple and Google. Fortnite is at the center of this dispute after Epic Games bypassed the mobile tech companies’ fees and added an option to pay Epic Games directly which resulted in Fortnite being booted from the mobile markets, but the way he frames it, it’s about more than just Fortnite. He echoed comments seen in the legal documents from Epic Games that said the push against Apple and Google is about freedoms for creators and consumers when installing and distributing apps. read more