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How ‘Survivor,’ ‘The Circle’ Inspired Online RPGs During Pandemic

The best reality show I watched this year unfolded not on my TV but through an app on my computer screen. In April, a month into quarantine with no end in sight, some friends asked if I wanted to play a virtual version of “The Circle,” Netflix’s already lockdown-friendly series in which contestants live in separate apartments and communicate solely through texts and social media posts. This version would take place entirely over the messaging platform Discord, with occasional voting and challenges scheduled throughout the weekend. On a Friday, I figured I’d play a couple rounds, talk to a few people and call it a day. By Sunday night’s “season finale,” I was screaming in thrilled anguish on our Zoom reunion call, where I found out I came in second place to an eleventh-hour addition who had the good grace to be embarrassed by his win. read more


DOOM Eternal Is Coming To Xbox Game Pass

With the purchase of ZeniMax Media and all related software houses, Microsoft is now able to take total control over all the past, present and future intellectual properties of the various software houses of the company. In this regard, what now seems to be Microsoft’s first move ever with this new acquisition, is to add to its Xbox Game Pass service the id Software’s latest work: DOOM Eternal. read more


PS5 Exclusive Is No Longer Exclusive

A game previously announced as a PS5 console exclusive is no longer a PS5 exclusive, and now it’s coming to both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. When the PS5 releases this November, it will have plenty of games the Xbox Series consoles won’t. For example, it will release alongside Demon’s Souls, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Godfall, and a new LittleBigPlanet game. Meanwhile, beyond launch, PS5 has exclusives like Horizon Forbidden West, God of War 2, Final Fantasy 16, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7, and many more. That said, it’s now one exclusive lighter. read more


Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 now available for PC on GOG

Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, and all their wacky mates return to PC today with re-releases of the first two Metal Gear Solid games popping up on GOG, after years hiding in boxes. The stealth series was clunky but ahead of its time in a lot of ways (and I’m as alarmed as anyone by how prescient their politics now seem) so I’m quite curious to see how the vintage tactical espionage action actually holds up. It’s not going to be super-great, is it, but I’m game. GOG have dug up the original Metal Gear too. read more