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Tips For Playing Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends

On Friday, Ghost of Tsushima got a lot bigger. Alongside a raft of quality-of-life updates, the latest patch for Sucker Punch’s open-world samurai adventure also introduced a robust new cooperative mode called Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. It’s really two modes—a two-player narrative adventure alongside a four-player survival gauntlet, both of which are steeped in mysticism—but the core concept is fundamentally the same for both: kill bad guys while engaging in a color-coded, Destiny-style loot grind. It’s a blast. Here’s how to make the most of it. read more


Rocket League Update 1.85 Released, Patch Notes Revealed

The latest update for Rocket League has gone live, bringing the game to version 1.85. The update does not include anything too revolutionary, but it does feature a number of smaller quality of life changes that should enhance the overall experience for players. For longtime fans of the game, some of these changes should be quite welcome, such as an update that prevents players from receiving a potential tournament ban. According to Epic Games, the update is now live on all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Full patch notes from the publisher can be found below. read more


PlayStation Adds Free Black Lives Matter Theme

Sony has released a free theme for the PlayStation 4, featuring the words “Black Lives Matter” at the bottom of the screen, with a raised fist in the air. The theme is black and yellow, and the system’s icons get a similar coloration when the theme is used. The theme comes months after several video game companies announced their support for Black Lives Matter, including The Pokemon Company, which pledged $100,000 to the group. At this time, it’s unclear whether or not the theme will be a limited time offer, or if it will be a permanent option for PS4 owners. An image of the theme can be found in the Tweet embedded below. read more


The Best Computer Desks in 2020

Best Overall: Uplift V2 Standing Desk

Buying a desk doesn’t seem like too difficult a task. Find one that’s pretty enough to sit in your office, has enough storage and space to house all your trinkets, and hope for the best. But shopping online might make it difficult to know if it’ll be good for your body long-term. Ergonomics are tricky, and a poor setup can leave you with serious back or wrist pain. read more


Call of Duty Haunting of Verdansk start time brings horror crossovers and Zombie Royale

We’re closing in on the end of October, and that means pretty much all games are Halloween games. Call of Duty is no exception, and both Modern Warfare and Warzone are getting into the spooky spirit with the Haunting of Verdansk event. The event brings in a fresh set of cosmetics based on Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, adds a new Warzone LTM called Zombie Royale. read more


New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Teaser Poster Released

In honor of iconic horror villain Leatherface debuting in “The Haunting of Verdansk,” a massive Halloween event for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare, Legendary Entertainment unveiled our first look at the new film in the sequel with a poster emblazoned with the iconic character, while also debuting the film’s official website, which brings with it a 2021 release date. The new film is set to be a direct continuation of the original 1974 Texas Chain Saw Massacre from filmmaker Tobe Hooper, likely aiming to replicate the success earned by 2018’s Halloween, which served as a direct sequel to the 1978 Halloween. You can learn more about the film by heading to read more