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20 Best Couch Co-Op Games To Play With Friends

Gaming with friends is always tremendous fun and offers a change of pace from going solo. While the majority of multiplayer gaming is competitive, playing in a cooperative fashion, working toward the same goal is rewarding and immensely enjoyable. The idea of split-screen cooperative gaming is slowly dying out as the couch co-op genre has implemented online modes to replace this feature. However, nothing beats sitting down in the same room as your friends to tackle a game together. The following are the 10 best cooperative games to play in split-screen on the same television. read more


12 GameCube Games That Need To Be On The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is proving itself to be a great piece of gaming hardware — even if, at present, it’s really just an expensive Breath of the Wild machine — but things will only get better as more quality games are released. One way that Nintendo will really be able to fill out the Switch’s library is to make its Virtual Console service available on the system, as no other company has as impressive a back catalog as Nintendo’s. Once VC does make the jump to Switch, we’re sure to see the same assortment of NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 classic that have been made available on the Wii and Wii U but if the rumors are true, I’m definitely more excited by the prospect of downloading GameCube games on the Switch. read more


15 Overlooked PS4 Games That You Need To Play

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is in an envious position right now. It not only has a healthy library filled with must-have exclusives and third party software, but has already surpassed lifetime sales of the Super Nintendo and will likely finish ahead of the likes of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 when all is said and done. With so many consoles and games out in the wild, it’s only natural that a fair number of deserving titles have either been left in the dust or don’t get the recognition they arguably deserve. read more