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14 Xbox One and PS4 Games to Play for Free This Weekend

Sony and Microsoft are both having weekends where their online subscriptions are free for all players, and with those free multiplayer weekends come a bunch of games for players to play for free as well. Most of those games are free on the Xbox One and not on the PlayStation 4, but with this being the first full weekend of August, it also means that the first free monthly games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold are now available. Couple that with Xbox’s big summer gaming event and you’ve got a lot of games to pick from for the next few days. read more


Here’s How to Find the Secret Level in the Beta

The Marvel’s Avengers beta has plenty to unlock and explore, but one of its best sections is actually closed off unless you fulfill certain requirements. There’s a level during the single-player portions of the beta called the Snowy Tundra that features Ms. Marvel and Hulk, and while the level is quite large, most will only head towards the main objective. You’ll get some sweet gear for your efforts, but you can’t go back into that level once it is completed, at least that’s what everyone thought. It turns out you can go back there, but you have to do some hunting first, and your reward will be the chance for some big-time gear. Sounds cool right? Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock it. read more


Marvel’s Avengers Team Addresses If X-Men Can Be Added to the Roster

Marvel’s Avengers is currently in beta on PlayStation 4, and during the beta, fans have access to Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Hulk, and Iron Man. The full game will also boast Thor and Captain America (presumably), but with the announcement of heroes like Spider-Man and Hawkeye, many fans are wondering who else is on deck to make the game’s roster down the line. A few have tried to inquire about the X-Men (including yours truly), but the clearest answer regarding the fan-favorite characters comes from Creative Director Shaun Escayg, who was asked by PlayStation Trophies if their license for characters extends to the X-Men, and thankfully it would seem that is the case. read more


Aeon Must Die’s debut is wracked by allegations of abuse, theft

A sharp-as-hell slasher set to hit Steam and PS4 next year, Aeon Must Die made an unexpected splash during Sony’s State Of Play showcase last Thursday. Unfortunately, it’s not the game folks are talking about in the wake of Limestone’s debut. Instead, the game has found itself locked in a minefield of allegations, as former developers accuse bosses at Limestone of abuse, harassment, unwarranted firings and IP theft. read more


Fall Guys Servers Come Back Online After Maintenance

Fall Guys did not have a great day on Friday with the game’s servers facing problem throughout the day to the point that players often couldn’t even get into a game. Players would infinitely fall in the matchmaking screen only to be met with a message that the game couldn’t be found, and though Fall Guys was working in the morning, things went awry for most of the day. After putting the servers in maintenance mode to work on them, however, the game is now back online with everything running smoothly. read more