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Xbox Game Pass Adding One of 2020’s Best Games Next Week

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are adding one of 2020’s best games next week: DOOM Eternal. Following Xbox’s acquisition of Bethesda, the first Bethesda game to come to Xbox Game Pass will be this year’s DOOM game, which served as a sequel and follow-up to 2016’s beloved reboot. And given that Microsoft now owns the game and the IP, it’s safe to assume it will be a permanent addition. read more


Call of Duty: Cold War’s side-missions have puzzles inspired by ’80s games

Raven Software is exploring the ’80s with Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, so it only makes sense that some inspirations from the time are seeping into the upcoming PC game. Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine (thanks, Segment Next), senior creative director Dan Vondrak explains that you’ll need to solve puzzles to unlock intel and access different parts of side-missions. read more


“We Learn From The Past”

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Let’s face it. Microsoft’s track record in Japan with the Xbox has not been good. In the past few years, Microsoft even stopped going to the Tokyo Game Show, but this year the company is back. read more


Rocket League’s servers died after it went free-to-play

Rocket League went free-to-play yesterday, which, naturally, caused loads of new players to hop into those funky little football cars for a few matches. The game’s new competitive season began, too, bringing in a load of returning players as well. Unfortunately, Rocket League’s servers did not like this. Not long after the game updated, the servers went down and players struggled to connect to its online features. read more


Here’s GTA 5’s Grove Street recreated in Cities: Skylines

There isn’t usually a whole lot of crossover between Paradox’s strategy and simulation games and huge open-world crime games like Grand Theft Auto 5. You can run an intergalactic criminal corporate murder empire in Stellaris, sure. Also, we get the feeling Trevor Philips would probably get a kick out of ruling a medieval empire like a totalitarian regime in Crusader Kings 3. Nonetheless, Reddit user SpikyMonsters has smushed the two worlds together, and ended up with a nifty recreation of GTA 5’s Grove Street in Cities: Skylines. read more


PS5 Pre-Orders Going Live Tomorrow, But Only For Some

New PS5 pre-orders are going live tomorrow, providing PlayStation fans another chance to pre-order the next-gen console, which so far, has been incredibly hard to find anywhere that isn’t eBay. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to pre-order the PS5, but haven’t had the opportunity to, tomorrow’s new offer may not be the chance you’ve been waiting for due to the restrictions involved. More specifically, the new pre-orders come way of GAME, a UK retailer. So, if you’re in the United States, you’re out of luck. Further, the pre-orders will be online only, which means you will be competing against bots and scalpers with a patented formula for securing pre-orders. read more