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Iron Harvest’s stompy steam-powered robots are out now

Shovel the coals, light the fires, and let’s get this walking affront to nature moving, lads. Dieselpunk army-smasher Iron Harvest is out today – a whimsical alt-history RTS romp that revisits the various imperial death throes of pre-World War 1 Europe and imagines how they’d play out with a few dozen giant robots. The cockpit isn’t ours, but today’s launch means we can finally take command of developer King Art’s hulking iron mechs. read more


Fortnite Adds Black Panther “Panther’s Prowl” Location

Fortnite now has a Black Panther point of interest in Season 4 as part of its Marvel-themed crossover season. The notable location is called “Panther’s Prowl,” and it features a large statue of a black panther atop a massive yellow and black pedestal. Panther’s Prowl was apparently added during an update released on Tuesday, and while it’s likely it was always part of the plans for the Marvel season, it’s been received a bit differently than it would’ve been before following the death of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. read more


League of Legends is getting new clothing collaboration – and a Prestige Yasuo skin

If you’re a League of Legends fan and like to show your love of the MOBA game with tie-in clothes and other wearable goodies, you’re in luck. Developer Riot Games has announced it’s got another League-themed collaboration on the way – an apparel collection created with the streetwear brand AAPE By A Bathing Ape. Oh, and there’s a brand-new Prestige Edition skin for one of the best League of Legends Champions inspired by the brand’s designs coming soon, too. read more


Space Crew is due out October 15th

After bumbling through World War 2 with Bomber Crew, developers Runner Duck will return with the crew management game’s sequel, Space Crew on the 15th of October. Once again we’ll be building a crew, customising our vessel, and issuing folks orders so they can complete missions without crashing and burning or dropping your lunch over Birmingham, but in space. That notoriously mistake-tolerant place, space. read more