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Metroid: Samus Returns – The Goliath Review

Developer: MercurySteam / Nintendo EPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Format: Nintendo 3DS
Released: September 15, 2017
Copy supplied by publisher

Nintendo is often accused of revisiting the same well again and again with its franchises, many of which are over thirty years old at this point.  But while Mario and Zelda fans never seem to be lacking for new experiences — in fact, two of this year’s best games are Zelda and Mario titles — Metroid fans have had precious little to get excited about in the last decade or so. Outside of last year’s Federation Force — which was a fun diversion but barely qualified as a Metroid game — there hasn’t been a new title in the series since 2010’s divisive Metroid: Other M. Fortunately, Nintendo brought Metroid back in force at this year’s E3 with the announcement of two new titles: Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid: Samus Returns. With the former title still at least a couple years away from release, Samus Returns now has the unenviable distinction of being the first new Metroid game in years; albeit with the caveat that the game is technically a remake of a 25-year-old game on outdated hardware. Well, after playing Metroid: Samus Returns extensively over the last week, I can safely say that while the game doesn’t push the Metroid franchise forward in any meaningful way, it’s both a lovingly crafted remake and an experience well-worth dusting off your 3DS for. read more


Destiny 2 Is Already Pissing Off Players With New Armor Shader System

Destiny 2 was released on consoles yesterday and early buzz for the game seems to be mostly positive. I’m about five or six hours in so far and am enjoying it quite a bit so far (look for my review later next week) but there are definitely problems. One such issue that is causing an uproar in the fan community is the way armor shaders work, as the once permanent-unlocks are now single use consumables. But that’s just one part of the problem. read more