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The 10 Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games Of All Time

There was a time when SEGA positioned its Sonic the Hedgehog games as worthy rivals to Nintendo’s Mario platformers, but that brief period ended right around the point when the Genesis stopped being relevant. In other words, it’s widely accepted that the first few Sonic games are classics, while the majority of subsequent titles released over the last two decades are hot garbage. Much of this can be attributed to Nintendo having much more success transitioning the Mario franchise from 2D to 3D, whereas SEGA continues to struggle with how to make three-dimensional Sonic games to this day. The real problem with Sonic games though is their lack of consistency, as the series seems to alternate between polished experiences and glitchy messes on a whim, sometimes even within the same year. read more


FFXV Multiplayer Closed Beta Continues

If you haven’t taken the time to do so already, download the Final Fantasy XV Comrades Closed Online Test application from the PlayStation and (/0r) Xbox stores! Gamespot has noted that the app, along with your chance to participate in the RPG’s multiplayer beta, ends today… so don’t wait! Go now! The beta continues its second test round this weekend, but you’ll need that app to play! read more