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Observe Balreth’s Attack Finding the portal at the end of quest.

So perhaps like me you got a little turned around doing the quest titled  “ city under siege” in ESO. I literally walked back to the beach after everything was done and it was saying that I had to go back to “Observe Balreth’s Attack“.  Well after some Reddit searching I have finally found the crypt that I needed to go back into (Actually if you never leave it, once Balreth is awoken inside of the crypt, there will a portal that opens, that is the one you need to go into to end up being on board of the boat) If for whatever reason you decided to leave the crypt after you guys awoke Barleth here is where you need to be in order to get back to it. First on the main portion of the map, you need to click on is “StoneFalls” read more