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Lego Movie Porn Parody Is A Real Thing.

Look, as far as puns go, I guess “The Laygo Movie” is fine. I mean, for porn, this is some high class Comedy Bang Bang level stuff. Much better than “This Ain’t Da Lego Movie XXX” or whatever it is they used to do with them. But here we are, watching this, discussing this, and gently pouting at this — the porn parody of The Lego Movie. If you’ve ever wanted to see the little Lego people shtup– or rather, see porn actors dress up in big bulky yellow costume with a special hole for their genitals shtup, then folks, Woodrocket, April O’Neil and Lee Roy Meyers have made the disgusting bout of hedonistic perversion for you. The plot, aka the thing we all watch porn for, seems to revolve around Rammit and Wild Piehole (like Emmett and Wild Style, which, i gotta say, not great puns, but whatever) looking for the Penis of Resistance (aka the “Piece of Resistance” from the original Lego movie). It’s weird to see a parody of what is essentially a silly fourth wall breaking parody of films with the first Lego Movie. The Piece of Resistance is a joke about MacGuffins in films, the thing that the heroes seek that barely matters, and a pun on the phrase “Piece de Resistance”, so putting penis into it is overkill, but hey, it’s not like I could ever accuse the porn guys of surprising me by rejecting class. Case in point, the “Everything is Awesome” song that rhymes awesome with “hot cum”. So if you have a huge freakish 18+ pervert in your life, and you want to either make their day a lot worse or have them realize their repulsive perversions have gone too far, make sure to send them this. Wether they’ll hate it or love it, you will learn too much about them.

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Taco Bell Adds Reaper Ranch Burrito and Supreme Fries Featuring World’s Hottest Pepper

It’s gettin’ a hell of a lot spicier in here. After a successful test launch last summer, Taco Bell has started rolling out a pair of Reaper Ranch products nationwide. On top of the regular fries, which have been available for quite some time at participating locations, the chain is offering a competitor to Taco John’s Supreme Potato Oles with a dish they call Steak Reaper Ranch Fries Supreme. They’re also offering a more compact version of the dish with the Steak Repear Ranch Fries Burrito. read more