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Kenny Omega Says He is Trying To Wrestle Safer After Multiple Serious Injuries in NJPW

While the WWE has quite famously dialed back their wrestling style, basically eliminating things like chairshots to the head, blood of any kind, and even a handful of moves that target the head (like the piledriver, for example). With concussions a heavy talking point in all sports these days, it was probably a smart move by the WWE — both to protect their athletes, but also to limit their own legal liability. read more


Ric Flair Health Update: He’s Out of Surgery, But Still in Bad Shape

The wrestling world held their breath yesterday when Ric Flair’s manager took to social media and asked for prayers for the 16-time world champion, saying that a “routine” hospital visit had turned into a scary stay in the ICU. It was later reported that Flair had been placed in a medically induced coma and would undergo surgery, although the nature of the surgery wasn’t revealed. read more


Casual Instagram Post Points to CM Punk Getting Another UFC Fight

Former WWE champion CM Punk surprised everyone in late 2014 when he showed up on a UFC pay-per-view and announced he had signed a contract to fight in the world’s largest MMA promotion. It would be almost two-full years before fight fans actually saw him in the octagon, where it was quickly revealed that it’s never a great idea to start your MMA training in your mid-30s and expect to have a chance. Young Mickey Gall beat up CM Punk quite thoroughly from the opening bell, right up until he slapped on a rear-naked choke three minutes into the fight and ended it. read more