Cheat Detection System BattlEye Banned More Than 1.5 Million PUBG Accounts So Far

BattlEye, an anti-cheat system used in several online games to detect cheaters and ban them on the spot, has banned more than 1.5 million PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds players since the game’s launch.

The system is implemented in many online games to detect and ban cheaters, including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. Unfortunately, the presence of such a system is needed in PUBG where players want to gain an advantage over their opposition. BattlEye reported back in October that bans are going out at rate between 6 thousand and 12 thousand per day, with the majority of these accounts present in China. Not only that, after the new security update’s release in November, BattlEye banned over 700 thousand accounts in a week, with more than 100 thousand banned over the weekend.

As of December 28th, the anti-cheat system has officially banned 1.5 million PUBG players. However, as huge as that number may seem, cheating is a persistent problem that continues to plague online games, especially when it’s a game with over 3 million concurrent users.

Make sure to report any cheaters you come across while playing PUBG for a healthier and more enjoyable playing experience for you and everyone around you. Even if BattlEye can’t detect all the cheaters, it certainly helps clean out some of those who ruin the experience for others.


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