Comedic RPG ‘Healer’s Quest’ Acknowledges Most Uncherished Fantasy Class

Do you find yourself feeling constantly unappreciated? Specifically, whenever you help revive fellow party members in your MMO/RPG of choice, and all it seems to go unnoticed? Well, Rablo Games has listened, and is almost ready to release its parody RPG Healer’s Quest into the Steam wilderness.

In this game, the healer is quite literally the only party member who can save the day. Your fellow comrades — bossy tank, depraved mage, smokin’ hot archer, and perpetually outraged barbarian — are a band of merry buffoons, and without you keeping their health and mana in check, they’d die and sulk about it in future battles.

It’s about time healers got some more time in the spotlight, right? Pablo Coma, the game’s lead developer, said that Healer’s Quest was designed to cause a shift in perceptions:

“I wanted to place the player in the role that’s considered by most to be the least interesting one, and show that this role is at least as fun as the others”

Along the way, you’ll have the chance to master 22 spells, work the skill trees to refine your playstyle, and even choose a karma alignment — good, evil or victim.

Healer’s Quest is launching its therapeutic campaign from April 18 on Steam, Humble Bundle and

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