Cory Barlog: 5 Games Is More Of A Speculation

Yesterday we reported that Cory Barlog, the creative director for the God of War series has 5 sequels in mind for the God of War franchise. The internet went ablaze with the news which came via a Kotaku interview with the creative director.

‘Jason: So how much of the future game plan do you have mapped out in your head?

Cory: Five games.’

While yes the news was pretty exciting, a part of me thought it was a little bit hard to believe, I mean if there really were 5 sequels planned, surely we would have heard about it from a source other than an interview? Following the news, Cory took to Twitter to clam the masses of fans:

‘ok. to be honest, 5 games would literally kill me. you can rest assured the reality is going to be more measured than the speculation in the @kotaku discussion.’

I mean considering the game’s success so far (and the value of the franchise) I think we could definitely say that one, if not two, sequels will probably be in the works if that’s any consolation. Thoughts? Let us know down in the comments.

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