Couch Co-Op Delight ‘Putty Pals’ Hops, Skips & Jumps to Nintendo Switch

Putty Pals looks like an adventurous day in the life of a stress ball—but not any old stress ball. In Harmonius Games‘ adorable co-op creation, two players need to work together in deconstructing puzzles, unearthing secrets and dodging danger.

While Putty Pals first released in February for PC and Mac, its cute audiovisual appeal made it an ideal ‘nindie’ candidate for the Nintendo Switch, where it’s now headed.

You play as two bounding blobs who can bounce, swing, and squish their way through whimsical, colourful terrain spanning 18 full-sized levels, and if you’re up to the challenge, 16 extra mini-levels await to be unlocked.

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The idea behind Putty Pals is pure fun, consisting of charming animations, hilarious character voicing, and perfectly balanced colour-based puzzles the whole family can enjoy. To celebrate the launch of Putty Pals on Nintendo Switch, Harmonious Games is issuing update 1.3 which introduces a new world (The Puttazon jungle), two new Putty pals, and a fresh melody to go with it.

Putty Pals is out now.


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