Cruise Past Marine Delights With VR Regatta: The Sailing Game

Endless blue skies, a tempting horizon, salt water splashing at your feet. Andy Dufresne and Red sure had the right idea. Indie team MarineVerse takes a leaf out of their book in VR Regatta – The Sailing Game, a relaxed, educational boating simulation that lets you wander through the fictional Akalana Islands.

Within this exotic Caribbean bayou, players can learn sailing fundamentals like steering and speed management, race against fellow competitive-minded sailors in Career Mode, and unlock an assortment of sailing boats for some stylish cruising. In a week from now, it leaves the shores of Early Access behind for a full release. MarineVerse says it’s driven by a passion to “inspire, train and connect sailors”, and ultimately, hopes that VR Regatta‘s fusion of entertainment and education empowers more people to get involved with sailing.

VR Regatta – The Sailing Game is out now on Steam for $14.99 USD.

To experience the aquatic paradise of VR Regatta – The Sailing Game, you’ll need either Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or a Windows Mixed Reality Headset.


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