Cute & Colourful RPG Bug Fables Seeking Indiegogo Funding

If you’ve ever wondered about what insects get up to in their spare time, Moonsprout Games has the answer. Its RPG Bug Fables exposes the tiny, thriving content of Bugaria, a sacred location in which the everlasting sapling hides. Tempted by the artifact’s promise of immortality, three brave insects set forth on a buggy odyssey.

You control beetle, moth, and bee as they float across six unique chapters, and throw themselves into a hazardous overworld that randomly unlocks rounds of turn-based combat. Fortunately, you’re stocked up with a classic slew of weapons — Bee’s beemerang, Beetle’s horn, and Moth’s ice magic — that can be used to attack or defend yourself against gnatty rivals. Are you a foodie? It might serve in your favour here, because Bug Fables lets you cook ingredients you find and use them as a battle aid. Sounds delicious.

Bug Fables is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo. At the time of publication, it’s reached $14,872 USD of its $20,000 USD goal.


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