Daily Deal: Get A DS Lite For $14.99 At Gamestop

In my car glovebox I have a Nintendo DS Lite tucked neatly at the back if I ever need to do some gaming on the fly. Sure the DS Lite is probably just a little younger than some people that read my articles, and you may think why even buy a DS when you can play games on your cell phone, but I’ll tell you why. ROM HACKS.

If you manage to pick up an R4 card, you can download a NES emulator and play all of your favorite games from way back when on your DS – and you won’t have to worry about battery life considering the DS lasts longer than most modern cellphones. That and Gamestop is selling these bad boys for $14.99 a piece – mental. It’s a cool little device to have if you have a couple minutes to kill.

‘The Nintendo DS Lite is a high-powered handheld video game system in a sleek folding design, loaded with features for a unique gaming experience. The color screens are now even brighter and the lower touch screen provides a totally new way of playing and controlling games. Use the built-in wireless mode to share games, chat or even play multiplayer games on-line via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Play impressive 3-D rendered Nintendo DS games and play all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in single player mode.’

Pick one up at Gamestop, or secure your console, here.


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