Daily Deal: Rainbow Six Siege Is 55% Off Gamers Gate

Ubisoft’s tactical squad-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege is running for 55% off on digital marketplace Gamers Gate.

Rainbow Six Siege is a multiplayer title, 5v5 title whereby teams are split up into attackers and defenders. Players will have to make use of operators, special agents which have specific abilities unique to them to overcome a host of different high-risk situations.

‘Form an elite team of the world’s most skilled tactical operatives and bring down an international terrorist organization. Command the infamous “Rainbow” tactical unit and use state of the art weapons to carve your way into the heart of the enemy stronghold.

Take advantage of fully destructible environments, high-precision weaponry and online cooperative multiplayer to dismantle the terrorist threat. The “Operatives” feature lets you work to your strengths, develop your specialist skills and become integral to mission success.’

Originally released in 2015, the title didn’t perform as well as Ubisoft had hoped. Now with constant updates and DLC the game is gaining more and more traction, proving itself to be a more than capable triple-A title as well as e-sports game.

Interested in picking it up? Head on over to Gamers Gate and grab it for only $18, here.

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