Day Z Final Build Will Launch On Both PS4 And Xbox One At The Same Time

When DayZ finally launches for current gen consoles (if it ever does) zombie gamers can expect the final build of the game to launch on both platforms at the same time.

That being said, due to Xbox One’s early access program, Xbox gamers will be able to play an earlier build of the game before it finally releases. Speaking to GamingBolt, the Lead Producer of DayZ at Bohemia Interactive, Eugen Harton stated the news.

“Just to reassure everyone: for the final release, we want both Xbox One and PS4 players have the game available at the same time,” he said. “However, Xbox offers the Game Preview Program as an option for Early Access titles to get started on the platform. It gives us the option to get players into the game early, to have a trial period of sorts, and most importantly to gather feedback on our game before we go for the full launch.”

Maybe PS4 players will get a beta version before the final launch? Who knows.

DayZ doesn’t have a release date as of now, but players can expect it to launch this year.


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