Death Stranding runs beautifully on PC, even on a GTX 1060

Kojima Productions’ esoteric postman simulator Death Stranding isn’t out on PC until July 14th, but I’ve been strolling around an early preview build of the game for the last couple of days and man alive, it’s really very heartening to see such a good-looking PS4 game run at a proper 60fps on PC, lemme tell ya. It bodes extremely well for Horizon Zero Dawn‘s eventual PC release, too, as Death Stranding uses the very same Decima Engine as Guerrilla’s futuristic open world-athon.

The really good news, though, is that Death Stranding’s PC requirements seem to be right on the money, as my early tests show the game’s recommended GTX 1060 graphics card will have no trouble hitting well over 60fps on max settings at 1080p.


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