Demon Souls Servers Will Be Going Offline Early 2018

Demon Souls, the most influential title of the hardcore RPG genre which has gripped (and frustrated) many players over the past couple of years is nearing the end of its well-loved life-span. Atlus and Sony have confirmed that the PS3 game’s servers will be going offline worldwide on February 28, 2018. After this, you will not be able to engage in the game’s then pioneering multiplayer activities, and at least one in game boss, and all associated loot, will be unobtainable.

Demon Souls originally released way back in 2009 as a PS3 title, it was the first in a string of ‘souls’ titles which launched a bunch of other ‘souls-esque’ titles. Popular games such as The Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild have been cited Dark Souls the title which came after Demon Souls as a heavy influence on the melee-based games. This makes the end of Demon Souls era even more of a painful one – which sucks, but hey, if a game isn’t making cash then more often than not, there is no reason to continue supporting it.

RIP my sweet prince.

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