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Destiny 2 Guide: How to Farm Faction Tokens


Faction Rallies have started in Destiny 2.  If you’ve yet to align yourself with any of the three factions in the game, you can do so now to earn exclusive loot for your character and compete against other factions to unlock a unique weapon.

While Faction Tokens can be earned by doing a number of things in game, a farming method has been discovered that allows you to earn them more quickly.  This Faction Token farming method takes Guardians to the Lost Oasis zone on IO.

Here are the step by step directions to Farming Faction Tokens in Lost Oasis.

  • Head to Lost Oasis on IO
  • Go to the closest Lost Sector.  Head directly left on the sparrow from FT point.
  • Run through the zone and shoot the crates, each crate will earn you tokens.
  • Fast travel back to the Lost Oasis and repeat to farm more Faction Tokens

The Lost Sector holds a number of Vex enemies but it also has a number of boxes.  If you shoot the boxes you’ll earn Faction Tokens each time.  As soon as you are done shooting the boxes in the Lost Sector, fast travel back to Lost Oasis and make your way back to the zone to shoot more boxes and earn tokens.  This is currently the fastest way found to Farm Faction Tokens in Destiny 2.

– This article was updated on:September 26th, 2017

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