Destiny 2 is getting pursuit weapons again when Beyond Light arrives


Pursuit weapons are making their return in Destiny 2 once the Beyond Light release date hits later this year. That comes from Community manager Dmg04 who reveals the news on the This Week at Bungie update and delves into what’s different this time.

“Our goal is to have a pursuit weapon available per season, earned through a focused quest,” he explains. “Banshee will give you a choice between Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit to earn the base model. Make sure you take a moment to think about how you want to earn the weapon, as you’ll be locked into specific objectives for whichever activity you pick.”

Dmg goes on to explain that once you finish the main quest for the new pursuit weapons, you can go to activity vendors Commander Zavala, Lord Shaxx, or the Drifter to get an additional quest. If you complete it, you’ll fetch a weapon ornament to the theme of the respective ability. So, if you go Shaxx you’ll get the Crucible ornament. Don’t sweat picking, though, as you can do all three of them if you’re hard enough. I am not, and will settle for the Crucible one, thanks.

The MMORPG initially had pinnacle weapons that required a fair bit of effort to complete. Each one of these quests was specific to a mode, so if you wanted the Luna’s Howl hand cannon, for example, you’d have to complete a Crucible-focused quest. The weapons were cracking to be fair, but a lot of people couldn’t get them.

As such, we got ritual weapons which were not as powerful but were easier to get as a tradeoff. That said, these guns are still tied to a particular mode, such as the Edgewise LMG to Strikes.

We’ve still got some time to go before the Beyond Light comes out in November. You can check out our Destiny 2 classes guide if you’re thinking of switching up your character, depending on what new stasis subclass you fancy.


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