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Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – Campaign Walkthrough | All Story Quests Guide

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Want to see all the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC has to offer? Check out our on-going walkthrough series, showing you the most non-optimal way to crush the campaign. We’re completing Warmind completely under-leveled in a vain attempt to beat it as quickly as possible. This might be a walkthrough, but I don’t recommend you follow our path. The first mission is pretty dang difficult by Destiny 2 standards, so you’ll want to be equipped and ready.

I’m joined on this playthrough with the co-host and editor of GuideRanx. He doesn’t know anything about Destiny, the story or the lore, so I’ll try to keep him informed while I’m shooting down Lost, Fallen, Cabal, and whatever else the universe wants to throw at me.

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Warmind is set in the chilly reaches of Mars, where the enormous Warmind Rasputin sleeps. You’ll be joined by Ana Bray as you explore the company campus where the Warmind was originally developed. The area is crawled with remnants of the Red Legion, and a much greater evil has awoken deep underground — a truly massive Hive monster. It can only be destroyed with Rasputin’s help. Too bad Rasputin isn’t responsive.

There’s a lot of new content to discover — including a bunch of fresh weapons and armor — so join us as we dig deep into Expansion 2.

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