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Destiny 2: Warmind DLC – How To Get The Worldline Zero Exotic Sword & Secret Exotic Sparrow

There are exotics that any Guardian can unlock in the Destiny 2: Warmind DLC. The Worldline Zero sword is a Power Weapon with balanced defense stats, a special attack — and it looks awesome. If you’re looking for free exotics, this is one anyone can get with a little bit of effort. Same goes for a very special Sparrow that, when equipped, actually increases transmat time during the Warsat Down public event. If you’re looking to speed up those events, this is a pretty good combo to unlock. 

To get the Wordline Zero or the Sparrow exotic, you’ll need to find collectibles — even if you find them all, you might have no idea where to actually collect these hidden rewards. The caches for these exotics are not marked, and they’re very, very easy to miss. The exotic Sparrow is in an especially secret area that I dare anyone to find all on their own. Here’s where to go (and what to do) to get these yellow tier rarity items.

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How To Get The Worldline Zero Exotic Sword & Secret Exotic Sparrow

The Worldline Zero is one of those rare Exotic swords — and you can earn it by finding collectibles on Mars. On the Mars map (exclusive to the Warmind DLC) look for strange colored targets all over the map. By shooting these targets, called Memory Fragments, you’ll collect them. Depending on the color of the target, it will be immune to certain elements. Swap to the matching element.

  • How To Get The Worldline Zero:
    • Collect 35/45 Memory Fragments.
    • Go to the Core Terminus Lost Sector in Braytech Futurescape.
    • Enter the Hive interior area on the west wall of the Braytech area to find the Lost Sector.
    • Inside, stick to the left wall. At the first turn, leading into the second room of the Sector, look in the office alcove to the left. There’s a cache here — open it to get the Exotic.
  • How To Get The Exotic Sparrow:
    • Collect 45/45 Memory Fragments.
    • Go to the Olympus Descent area from the Glacial Drift zone.
    • Entering Olympus Descent from Glacial Drift, in the first-ish room, you’ll find a warsat on the ledge to the right.
    • Look down from the warsat — far below, there’s a secret ledge you can drop down onto.
    • Fall to the balcony, and defeat the Hive enemy inside. There’s a Knight, so be prepared for a close-range fight.
    • In the secret area, open the cache. There’s no way to leave, so just open your Director and teleport to a landing zone to leave.

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