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Destiny 2: What is Iron Banner & When Does it Start?


The Iron Banner Tournament in Destiny 2 is getting ready to begin.  For a full week players will be squaring off in The Crucible with a unique set of rules.  Hosted by Lord Saladin, The Iron Banner functions similar to other Destiny 2 events in that players must earn tokens that will allow them to earn unique gear.

Iron Banner will be a little bit different than it was in the first game.  In Destiny 2, Iron Banner features two teams of four players.  It will also be skill based instead of a power level based event as it was in the first game.  Both the bounties and ranks have been replaced by event specific Engrams called Iron Banner Engrams.

How to Compete in Iron Banner

You’ll need to have completed the Destiny 2 campaign so you have access to the Tower.  A new NPC will be available at the Tower called Lord Saladin.  You’ll need to visit Saladin to start the Iron Banner Quest.  Once you’ve accepted the quest you’ll need to play The Crucible PvP game mode and play in the Iron Banner playlist in Quickplay.

Everyone can play the Iron Banner.   You can either join the PvP multiplayer mode with a fireteam, or you can join and use matchmaking to play.

When Does Iron Banner Start?

Iron Banner starts on October 10th at 2AM PT

Iron Banner ends on October 17th at 2AM PT

Iron Banner Rewards


Players must collect Iron Banner Tokens by playing matches in The Crucible.  Everyone who plays in Iron Banner matches will earn these tokens.  The winning teams will earn more tokens than the losing teams.  As you can see in the image above, there are full armor sets for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes that can be earned with these Iron Banner Tokens.

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