Destiny fans say one of Forsaken’s achievements is hidden behind a paywall

One of the achievements in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is apparently locked behind a paywall. Bungie has reintroduced Moments of Triumph to Destiny 2 with the new expansion, but some players are upset that one of them can only be accessed by owning a specific version of the game.

Moments of Triumph existed in Destiny 1 as limited time achievements. For the most part, they were, as you’d expect from achievements, attached to completing specific milestones. Reaching the maximum level netted you one Moment of Triumph, winning crucible matches another, and defeating certain raid bosses would earn you even more. Moments of Triumph tended to roll around at the end of every content year, and couldn’t be completed after that.

They’ve shown up again in Destiny 2, with the first lot appearing earlier this summer. They asked players to do things like finishing various campaigns, completing adventures, and masterworking armor. A new set of Moments of Triumph has been added to the game with the release of Forsaken, but one of them hasn’t made players very happy.

You see, one of those Moments of Triumphs is “own the limited edition of Destiny 2.” As pointed out on Reddit, the Moment tasks players with owning a specific version of the game in order to earn an achievement. That would be bad enough for the completionists out there who bought a different version, but it’s also worth pointing out that the Destiny 2 Limited Edition is no longer available to buy in stores.

That does suggest you’d want to buy a whole new copy of the game for just one achievement, of course. That said, there are plenty of aggrieved players on the Destiny subreddit who are annoyed that this is the one Moment of Triumph they’re going to miss out on. Essentially, this boils down to Bungie having put a trophy behind a now-impassable paywall.

There are no rewards associated with this particular Moment of Triumph, but the completionists out there are understandably annoyed that this is potentially the one achievement they have no way of completing. There are also some reports that some of those players who do own the limited edition aren’t getting their achievement.

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