Developers Reveals How Players Can Shape The World of Dying Light 2

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There was some big surprised during this year’s E3 expo and one of those was the announcement is the upcoming release of Dying Light 2. During a press conference it was unveiled that Dying Light will have a sequel and within it, the players would have a slew of choices available that will result in various consequences. This is not a huge surprise as lately there seems to be a bigger push for games to include a moral type system, giving players the option to sway the story in a certain direction.

In a recent interview, Techland’s Chief Creative Officer Adrian Ciszewski spoke with on how players can expect the choice based system will work. As it turns out, there’s a bigger emphasis on players shaping up the world by interacting with the various factions within the game.

For instance, it appears that the game will be set in a bigger city location and within it will be various factions and social systems. Depending on the interactions players have with the different groups may result in them moving to a new area of the city. This will result in players mixing things up along with also altering some of the interactions you’ll encounter.

With that said there will be more direct choices available throughout the game narrative though some of the finer details are still scarce. Regardless, it’s clear that choices will still be playing a huge part of the game this time around.

Currently, there is no official release date attached to the upcoming Dying Light 2 but gamers can expect the title to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC platform.



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