Don’t Expect Any Major Releases From Blizzard Entertainment This Year

Blizzard Entertainment will be a bit quiet this year as it turns out that the development studio won’t have any big surprise releases or potential announcements before 2019 ends. This news apparently came from an earnings call from Activision as reported by Polygon. So if you’re a fan of one of their IPs such as Diablo, it looks like a new main installment won’t be coming before 2020 rolls out. This isn’t the only bit of disheartening news regarding the development studio.

Over the past few days, there have been rumors that Blizzard Entertainment would be handling some layoffs from the studio which resulted in practically 800 jobs being cut. However, the jobs are not directly tied to the development teams as there is already word that Blizzard will be increasing the workforce for their development teams by twenty percent. That is a big number and potential job openings for those in the industry looking to secure a position within the studio.

At any rate, Blizzard Entertainment may be a bit dormant this year but don’t expect that the studio won’t have anything to deliver fans. There is the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic and Diablo: Immortal. The latter has been part of a large amount of criticism with the fan base of Diablo as most were expecting the fourth main installment to the Diablo franchise when the development team announced a mobile title.

Despite not having anything notable releasing this year from the studio, it may be a good indicator that there are a few projects in the works that are not ready to be shown off until the following year or teased during various events and expos of this year. Would you like to see a new installment to one of Blizzard Entertainment’s IPs? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

[Source: Polygon]


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