Don’t Expect To See PlayStation 5 Delay Into 2021

As we approached in 2020, there was a ton of anticipation and excitement within the video game industry. This was the year in which both Sony and Microsoft were planning to bring out their next-generation video game consoles. Unfortunately for both companies, the reveals and marketing were thrown out as the world was facing a massive health pandemic outbreak known as the coronavirus. It swept markets all around the world and it wasn’t looking like any events or expos were going to happen.

This coronavirus health pandemic outbreak resulted in most events and expos being transitioned away from expos to online streaming showcases. Several big companies took to the internet in order to showcase content coming out in the near future or offer some updates to already previously revealed video game titles. Still, even with the internet to showcase content, there were plenty of obstacles for Sony in particular when they wanted to show the PlayStation 5. 

It took a bit before we finally got the hardware reveal, but one of the elements the PlayStation 5 was crafted for is more immersion. This included 3D audio, haptic feedback, and resistance triggers. Because of this health pandemic, the ability to really show these features offer is quite the challenge as Eric Lampel, the SVP and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment puts it. Speaking with, Eric talked about the challenges they are going through with the PS5 marketing but also notes that despite these challenges the release of the PlayStation 5 will happen this year.

As mentioned, there was a lot of focus on getting the console in front of players. This was meant to be on the floors of the big events and toured around different malls. Because there is more focus on offering different immersive feels with the DualSense and the power of 3D audio, getting to really advertise this was difficult. Instead of its original plan, Sony delivered a commercial spot that would hopefully give the viewer an idea of what the PS5 will be offering.

Still, there is a ton of time left before the PlayStation 5 releases this holiday season to showcase more of what the console platform will offer. There are even some questions left unanswered with the biggest being just how much the console will cost. Unfortunately, there’s been no details on either the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series in terms of their price tag, but we’ll hopefully get an answer to that soon.


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