Doom Eternal will let you control a demon and invade other campaigns

Demonic invasion isn’t just coming to Earth in Doom Eternal – it’s also coming to your campaign. You’ll be able to take control of a demon and invade other players’ games, lending some extra spice to the war between Earth and Hell once Doom Eternal launches. The feature will, of course, be optional – but if you want the added challenge of other players, you’ll have it.

You can either become a demon and battle enemy slayers solo, or join up with friends to form a “hunting party” and really ruin a few days. In the trailer, we see Doomguy get warned of incoming invaders via an on-screen message before the enemy players quickly spawn in.

We don’t know what all the options afforded to invading players will be, but the two who spawn in during the trailer take the forms of a Revenant and a Mancubus – two of the more powerful basic enemies you deal with in the campaign.

The obvious comparison here is Dark Souls – as it often is – where players are able to invade random games to get a little PvP in an otherwise single-player focused game. But since it’s a mode you have to opt-in for, it might be better to think of Left 4 Dead’s human versus zombie mode, which gave a separate option for players who wanted to go head to head. There was notably no mention of traditional deathmatch multiplayer here, so that largely unpopular feature from Doom 2016 may be gone.

Check out the footage below. The invasion itself comes toward the very end, at 16:35.

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We didn’t get a Doom Eternal release date today, but you can still follow that link for a detailed breakdown of everything we’ve heard about the game so far.


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